Invest Love in Every Gift

This year, it has been pretty tough to get into the Christmas spirit…

Commercially speaking that is….


The economy has been tough on all of us, and continues to haunt so many people’s daily lives. It doesn’t feel right to go out and indulge in gifts for others like I used to, when financially, I know I will be stretching beyond my financial means at this time.  Not to mention, I can’t help but think of how many folks out there, who are in need.


There have been years in the past, when I was the very busy CEO of my company, that I would indulge others in gifts that I now see as completely outlandish, and a bit ‘over the top’ (mom guilt? friend guilt? perhaps…) . These last few years, I have learned alot about myself.



I have learned that I don’t need to buy expensive gifts to be appreciated. I also have learned that although I sometimes feel the intense pressure at times to ‘cave’ in to the commercialism of the season, I am working constantly to remind myself that this season is the time for true change.. at least for my family

These are some ways to make the changes this year as well:

  • Whittle down your Christmas lists
  • Make many of your gifts
  • Shop with Intent
  • Personally shop for as many gifts as you can
  • Support local merchants, craft & antique fairs
  • Bake lots of goodies to share with others
  • Barter with other businesses/artists for Christmas gifts
  • Spend time with friends and family
    Love is FREE
  • AND..Give in as many ways as you canPeace and love this Holiday season. Bren

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