Invented by Moms

As many of you know, I have a new facebook page, Empowered MompreneursThis has become an amazing way to connect with moms in business. As I have been meeting these amazing ladies, I have come across some pretty cool products.. all began as a need, and then became a huge “AH-hah!” moment for these moms– just as Pump It Up was for me.

These three mom entrepreneurs have come up with solutions to our never-ending dirty kitchen chairs, messy bottle feedings, and hard-to-put-on baby jackets.

Read on about their great products and their stories of how they invented them:

The SmartSeat Chair Protector was invented by Rebecca Rabson, a mom who found a solution to protect upholstered chairs with comfortable fabric seat covers that are waterproof, stain resistant, reusable, and machine washable.

In an interview with The Mom Writes, Rebecca was asked what inspired her to create The Smart Seat Chair Protector and she replied: “My boys! I have two very adorable, but incredibly messy boys. We purchased a new dining room set a couple of years ago and I wanted to be able to eat meals together as a family. But I also didn’t want my kids  to ruin my new chairs. I looked for a waterproof seat cover that would discreetly protect my new chairs, but I couldn’t find anything that I liked. I didn’t want a vinyl seat cover. I didn’t like the way that they look and my boys didn’t like the way that they feel when you sit on them. I also didn’t want a full slipcover – I loved my new chairs and didn’t want to entirely change the way that they look. The  SmartSeat Chair Protector was my solution – an attractive, waterproof seat cover that is easy to use and comfortable to sit on.”

Monica Guerra Jones is the mom inventor behind BUNCHEES Baby Bottle Bibs (a solution to messy bottle feedings).

Monica writes:

Who knew that a dribbly bottle-feeder and a stretchy hair accessory would inspire me so much!

My baby boys were so messy that every time they ate from their baby bottle, their bib would became so soaked that I had to literally change their outfit after each feeding. The messy bottle feeding not only left them soaked but myself as well. My oldest son’s cheeks and chin became red and chapped from the wetness and constant dribble coming out of the corners of his mouth while he ate that would run down his cheeks, chin and down into his neck.  At bathtime, it was a chore to wash his neck folds, where formula and messy dribble would collect and become crusty–ick! Having had enough, I decided to search for a solution–so off I went to Babies R Us, where there was nothing available for this specific problem. I then went to Target, Wal Mart, Baby Depot and all the other big-name baby stores but to no avail, there was nothing on the market for this.

I began using pricey but better quality bibs to help absorb the dribble, but then my baby became quite good at pulling his bibs off while I fed him and they didn’t absorb the gap in between the neck and bib opening. And so I was destined to deal with it until he was off the bottle for good. Fast forward three years later, when I had my second baby who began having the same issues with bottle-feeding, I became determined to find a solution this time, but how? He was only a few weeks old when I was feeding him and happened to notice my scrunchie on my end table. I was having trouble with a leaky baby bottle at the moment and for some reason, I wondered if I slipped the scrunchie underneath the bottle cap, would it be able to help with the leakage? And so I tried it, feeling a little silly and then not so silly after all! It worked like a charm, soaking up most of the bottle leaks and I officially had what Oprah calls the “a-ha” moment. Another huge a-ha moment was when I held the edge of the scrunchie underneath his lip, it caught the dribble running out of the sides of his mouth! I decided to make a much more absorbent version out of a microfiber kitchen towel and added three mini-bibs to extend and absorb what was coming out of his mouth. Along with my baby, I enlisted my friends and family members who had just had babies to try them out, and they all thought it was ingenious and one of the coolest baby products ever.

Hoping to help other moms and dads who had this problem with their messy babies, we launched Baby Bottle Bibs on our website in February of 2008. We have received worldwide acceptance and very positive feedback from those who have used our product. We even won a prestigious award from iParenting Excellent Baby Products for 2008! I have my baby boys to thank, they (along with my “vintage” scrunchie) were what sparked my creativity and allowed me to invent this great product. My boys continue to inspire me and I find myself thinking of more and more ways to help our lives a little more fun and easier for us all!

Betsy Dolan invented the Wrapeaze (a hooded wrap that envelops a child in warmth quickly and easily-with one hand)

Betsy writes:

Running errands with kids can be a hassle, especially when you have to take jackets on and off constantly.

WrapeazeTM is a unique product that was created out of sheer necessity! As a mother of two young boys, I often cringe at the idea of running errands with the kids in tow. While I love my boys endlessly, I don’t love the quick trips to the grocery store, daycare, the post office or the dry cleaner. Everyone is happy until the car stops and it is time to get out of the car seats and get jackets on. …The pleasant experience of running a couple of “quick” errands often turns into a long, miserable chore. I can’t imagine I am alone!

In our busy world, parenting sometimes means maximizing the few minutes or hours you have with your kids each day. I have saved precious minutes and been spared many tears and tantrums by avoiding jackets and simply wrapping up with Wrapeaze.

Once the initial product was developed, with the help of my crafty sister in law, my boys wore their wraps everywhere. I got stopped daily by other parents who asked where they could purchase one for their little ones. After many revisions, we have come up with a quality product I know your little ones will love!

The original Wrapeaze is a hooded wrap that envelops the child in warmth quickly and easily-with one hand. No more wrestling with little arms and sleeves while you stand in a cold parking lot. Your child will love that their movement is unrestricted, and you can avoid tantrums and tears. There is no better way to fuse utility with style!

These are such inspiring examples of moms who used their everyday life experiences to create something great to share!

I am going to continue featuring mom invented products and businesses on my blog. Please send me an email if you would like to be featured (!

Peace and love,

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