Power Mom Bloggers

A mom finds her entire world changing after having a kid (or two, or three). Her priorities are different, to say the least. Once she discovers how easy it is to connect with other moms in her same situation, she can build a spirit of familiarity and trust between strangers almost immediately.

So, it is no wonder that mom bloggers are one of the most powerful and fastest growing groups today. These mommy bloggers are referred to as “power moms”. (Don’t we all love the sound of that?) According to Nielsen Online, power moms are women between the ages of 25 and 54 with at least one child and who participate regularly in online activities.

According to Emarketer, 4 MILLION moms are currently blogging out there! In addition to blogging, a recent study by Child’s Play Communications shows that 79 percent of moms are active on social networking sites, such as Facebook. Marketers are now thriving on social media since moms are much more likely to purchase a children’s product based on a networking site or blog recommendation (and not only are lots of moms talking, but they also talk about and share information about products more often than other females or men).

Moms have such a unique and honest voice that they can share through blogging. They love to read what other moms have to say, and have the option to read a variety of themes through blogs (humor, marriage and family, faith, crafting, photography, moms of kids their child’s age, local moms, friends– the list is endless!)
A lot of moms even turn their blogs into a hardcover book and print them at the end of each year, creating a family journal to keep forever. (I know I would love to have something like this from my mom to look back on).

Many moms have said that blogging helps them to not feel so alone, and like they have a voice. In a survey from Marketing to Women Online asking why moms blog, one woman answered, “Receiving all the support through comments when my daughter was in the hospital changed my life. It kept my spirits high to read the support from friends, family, and strangers that left comments on the blog during that time.” Another mom mentioned, “I like being able to help people, whether by making them laugh, or turning them on to a greener product or great resource. Getting positive feedback feels really good.”
When asked, “How does writing/reading a mom blog make you feel?”, one mom replied:
“Good. I am able to laugh with these people, cry with these people, pray with these people. I am connected with people all over the world. Nothing wrong with that.”


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