Launch for Life Workshop Series

If you only knew how many pages of notes I have taken on classes, workshops and seminars that I either want to take myself, or want to offer to others. As the President of PIU, I was able to teach many varieties of classes, but never classes like these.

What I hope to accomplish in these classes is to educate, empower and enlighten women of all ages. I have found that much of a busy women’s time is spent daydreaming about what they would like to do, or who they would like to become in the near or distant future.

I hope to help others appreciate the moment that they are in, and to enjoy the journey of creating their own life and finding their true purpose. We often look so forward to the end results in life, that we often miss the experiences themselves.

Many of us want to change..transform our lives, but we truly don’t know the first thing about how to make these changes. At Launch for Life, we hope to provide the necessary tools and resources to support and encourage the women who attend these classes to LAUNCH.

We will use many tools and resources to do this, including meditation, guided well as mentoring, fantastic speakers and lots of support! Oh, yes, and don’t forget all of the new friends you will make!

This is not a place to market to others..this is a place to learn, love and grow. Dress casual and come to enjoy!

The first class is January 10,17,24 and 31st. I am offering the classes for free for the month of January, so space is limited!

If I need to add another series in January, I will.

I will also be hosting a number of other classes and workshops on an ongoing basis. Be sure to join my email list to stay tuned!

Would you like to host this Launch for Life series in your area? Let me know!

Peace and love. Brenda


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