Happy 21st Birthday, Matt!

Happy Birthday to my amazing son, Matt. Today is your 21st birthday, so I wanted to take a few minutes to share one of my favorite memories of you as a child… there are so many, but this stands out!

Having daddy work at the firehouse, as a young kid, Matt had a major affinity with not only fire trucks and for visiting Ron’s firehouse in Fremont, but he was somewhat of a PYRO. Matt was mesmerized with fire, and given the opportunity to ‘play’ with it, like at a campfire or by the fireplace, he would sit for hours just TRYING to catch a stick on fire. We actually worried more about his safety, than the fact that he actually wanted to CATCH something on fire, when in fact the opposite was true…

When Matt was around 5, Ron was barbequing some steaks, which was a rare occasion since we were the epitome of a poor, young couple. The barbeque was smelling good, and the family was hanging out, waiting for the steaks to cook. All of a sudden, we see little Matt in the yard, towing the hose, over his shoulder like a firefighter.. he proceeded to walk closer to the barbeque, and began ‘dousing’ our steaks, and of course, extinguishing the fire! Needless to say, the steaks were ruined, but Matt was proud!

Don’t let Matt tell you any different..he still has a bit of a thing for the flame.. ;)

Happy Birthday to my amazing, smart, funny, talented, entrepreneurial boy…make that MAN. I love you, Matt!

Nutty kids!

Peace and love. Mom


A boy and his dog, Kelsey.

Matt and Papa


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