Jake’s Perfect Game Project – Can you help?

As most of you know, Ron and I have started a non-profit, called Light Energy Spirit Foundation. We have finalized our Mission Statement and our vision has been expanded to read as follows:

Everyday we strive to, be the Light in someone’s life, share positive Energy, and reflect the Spirit in all we do. It is that simple. We want to impact lives..one person at a time.

Jake has decided he wants in on the action. So, our first project will be managed by our son Jake, 15.

The Perfect Game Project

We all know how passionate Jake is about baseball. Well, last year, at the Babe Ruth World Series, he heard a story about the kids in the Dominican Republic, who love baseball, but have no gear. They play, using milk cartons for gloves and spools of twine for a baseball. Since that day, Jake has been talking about getting this started and now is the time.

He has begun collecting baseball equipment to send to impoverished areas, like Dominican Republic and Haiti, as well as low-income areas here in the US. This is a simple project, in that there are very few needs..so here they are!

New or Used
Baseball Equipment
Baseball clothes
Rubber Bases
Batting Gloves
..you get the idea…

Also… there are two drop off locations – one at Murphy’s Paw in Downtown Pleasanton and also All Star Sports in Pleasanton.  We are also happy to pick up locally!

He is also are looking for folks who want to donate airline miles to get to the various locations to distribute (Haiti, Dominican, Mexico, US). His first goal is to distribute gear the week before Christmas.

Jake is working with another organization, Pitch In, who will be helping him to make sure that the gear gets to the kids who need it, in the areas that are accessible to us.

How can you help Jake?

Contact him at jakedronkers@gmail.com to

donate gear,
set up a donation location,
donate money (we have a non-profit status),
help in any other way
Meanwhile, he is planning his first fundraiser, which will be a big sale in a couple of weeks. So, stay tuned!

I am so proud of him, and I can’t wait to see where he takes this project!

Peace and love.


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