Thriving Ink and Matt relaunch today!!

Thriving White

I am so proud to announce the relaunch of Thriving Ink. As you all know, Matt has the sole ownership of Thriving Ink, and can be found slaving away (with a huge smile on his face) in his new office in the basement of our home.

Check out the results! Thriving Ink site

Matt is alot like me. He is a visionary and has very lofty ideas for his new site and has also come up with 15 new tee designs himself. He is a one-man-show… handling the design, printing, marketing, web, shipping, photography, finances..all of it. For a 20 year old, he really is exhibiting some major entrepreneurial skills.

Matt is using the contacts at tee blog sites to spread the word, but he can use all the help he can get. So, if you need some tees, he has come up with some cool local tees, with local flair!

Berktown Triblend


I am so proud of him, and I thoroughly enjoy seeing my boy soar!

Serious Matt

Late night preparing for the launch..


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