Our little getaway..

So, last weekend Ron and I cut out of town and headed to the coast. Our course, the first place we headed was to the Boardwalk. Ron and I have been going there for 30 years together, and if seemed only fitting to grab a corn dog, check out the arcade, and take in the sights. It was so fun!

cool fortune telling machine...old school

We spent the better part of the early afternoon shopping downtown Santa Cruz. In all of the years I have lived here, and all of the times I have went to Santa Cruz, I never know there was a downtown area! I loved it. I would say it is a mix between Palm Springs and Berkeley…more on the Berkeley side, of course.

Once we were done shopping at Santa Cruz, we headed up the coast and went to Pescadero. What a great town! The shops are amazing. But our favorite part of the town was this little dive of a Mexican restaurant that served as the town gas station as well.. These types of places are always a thrill for Ron and I , so we ordered some food, hoping it was good. But, it was actually the some of the best Mexican Food I have ever had! Seriously.. head shaking good.

Highway 1

After we indulged, we headed to our hotel in Half Moon Bay. The place is called The Inn at The Mavericks. It is quiet and quaint. The hotel is situated on the marina, and is a first class operation. The next day we resumed our shopping and sightseeing, then headed home.

What a great 24 hour getaway! It was just what the doctor ordered!


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