Moving Into my Dream

Moving into a dream…

As most of you know, it has been quite hectic at the Dronkers’ home lately. And with that chaos has come daily migraines. It is a bit easier for me, now that I know what causes my migraines…over-excitement being one of them.  And, boy am I excited!!

The family is moving to a new home today. This is  the house I can see myself in for years! I am so excited, because the home is exactly what I have been looking for…. a very simple, serene home, in a secluded Oak grove in the Pleasanton foothills..

Our lot is about an acre, and promises to be an amazing gathering space for those friends of ours who want to come and relax and bask in the beauty. . There is a gorgeous waterfall across the dirt road street from our house!  Our entire house has a wrap around deck, where we can watch deer as we have coffee….ahhhhhhh… my Reiki table will be set up on the deck through the summer for those who need Reiki.

The migraines will hopefully subside, once all of the chaos in our lives subside, but right now, I am focusing my energies on peace!


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