Road Trip with the girls!

Last week, I felt restless and eager to GO! Where? Anywhere! So, Jenelle, Angelica and I made a spontaneous road trip to Palm Springs to get away from the cold, dreary weather and to give my head some much needed relief from the barrage of low-pressure systems that cause some of my migraines.

Hours before hopping in the car, Jenelle booked us the most amazing resort, Hotel Zoso for only $110 per night including taxes and room charges! Travelocity has come through in the past, but this deal was incredible!

The weather in Palm Springs was a pleasant 89, and the three of us spent a great deal of time by the pool, enjoying the gorgeous views of the desert mountains. We shopped downtown alot too! I think my favorite part of the trip was waking up, and having coffee on the balcony each morning. The warmth on my face and the beauty of the scenery was the perfect recipe for relaxation, prayer and meditation. And..NO migraines!

After three amazing days, we returned to cloudy weather and then rain, but the memory of the warmth on my face will hold me over until we get some decent weather here in Pleasanton.

I can’t wait to hop in the car and head down south again! Joshua’s Tree National Park, anyone?


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