Birthday = Big Decision!

This birthday has been very special. This past couple of months has been life changing for me. To finally learn why I have had chronic anxiety, migraines, IBS and fibromyalgia most of my life has been the answer to my prayers.

Being an empath affects literally every aspect of your life, including business, family, love, friendships and more. Empaths also absorb other’s negative energy, stress, illness’, and pain. A large part of healing for me has been withdrawing into my home, meditating and praying for direction on how to proceed with my life and to improve my current health. As you may have noticed, I have been out of sight for a couple months! This is a heartfelt thanks to my whole family and the TI team for taking care of everything at the shop! It has certainly been much needed!

Lately, I have been enjoying making jewelry, creating my own Apothecary products, improving Reiki and meditating practices, taking photos, taking small family trips to beautiful places and finally…beginning to write my book. OK.. I only have the outline of the chapters, but it’s a start!

Ron and I have decided to hand over the operations of Thriving Ink to our partners (kids) for now. Heck, they run it anyway! They are bright and talented, and have a staff of equally young and talented adults to help them. We will still be in the background and at events, so don’t worry, we are still around ;)

Once I have learned what I need to, my goal is to help others like myself manage their empathic abilities, (through writing, speaking, teaching and mentoring.)
I also hope to work with young children and their families, to understand the needs of empathic children, and to help them manage their gift.

As my birthday draws to a close, this year promises to be a new beginning….and I cannot wait!

-.peace and love. Bren


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