The Cross in the Sand

I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was at my Pump It Up corporate office as usual.

My office faced the beautiful mountains and I spent many hours staring out my glass window, hoping to catch just a glimpse of a deer, since many wandered that hillside. I chose that particular office because it had the most beautiful view to made me feel peaceful, when it seemed that the walls of my once small, now bustling business were caving in on me.

This particular day, I was sitting at my desk, working (as usual), when my long time best friend walked in to discuss a very big, life changing decision for both of us…. As she sat across from me, I sat, with one hand swinging the pendulum arm of my newly purchased sand pendulum. This pendulum had been a recent gift to myself while on a family trip to Maui.

As we were speaking of praying to God for direction, my friend looked up, and noticed deer walking on the side of the hill. She walked to the window, and I swung my chair around to smile at the beauty of the deer.

Just then, my nephew, Matt, walked into our office. As we retreated back to the desk, Matt noticed something in the sand pendulum.

It was a perfectly created cross. This cross was intricately detailed, with scallops, and beautiful lines! The most exciting part was that the point of the pendulum was set inside of a ring of sand. We immediately called in all of my staff to witness what had just happened! We stood in awe as if we each felt that if we didn’t keep looking at it, that it might just go away! We cried, we hugged, we prayed.

As we went back to work, I am not certain how each person felt, by I felt alive! I felt Blessed! Then, unfortunately, after a few naysayers began to become negative, I felt confused, concerned, and unsure.

I will write more about this event later, and post better photos, once I find them,
but it makes me wonder…

How many times do you feel as though you have been touched, or that you have been spoken to, only to discard it as something else?

Well, that is what I did. What I didn’t know, was this was the beginning of a spiritual journey for me, lasting for years.


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  1. Brenda,
    I feel I know you better by reading your blogs. They’re very inspirational to me and I’m looking forward to reading more about you and your thoughts. Sometimes learning about someone else, we learn more about ourselves too. I heard you weren’t feeling good tonight and I hope you feel better very soon. Kelly :)

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