When One Door Opens…

As many of you know, it has been a long-standing dream of mine to be able to write a book. Ok, not really WRITE it, but have someone help me write it, like a talented ghostwriter ;)

Last spring, I was asked to contribute to a book for women, called When One Door Opens…Reflections from Women.  I was asked by the author to submit a short essay on a major turning point in my life.

I quickly agreed, and submitted an essay for her consideration. Well, eight months later, it is time for the book to be released! It is pretty exciting, I must say. But, it is also a little nerve racking.

Now that the book is coming out, I feel a bit more nervous, and have actually questioned my decision to contribute to the book more than once. But each time I question it, I realize that I feel a need to share my experiences, particularly as a women, and as a businessperson, in hopes that I might be able to help others that might be suffering from the same issues/illnesses. After all, I really do believe that we are given opportunities to help others through our own experiences!

The book is coming out in a few weeks, and my essay is only a very, very small part of the book (and an even smaller part of my story). This book is filled with inspirational stories from women who have experienced their own trials and have come to a turning point like myself.

I will keep you up to date on the progress, but there you have it. I said it. I am published. I am nervous. There. Done ;)



2 thoughts on “When One Door Opens…

  1. Brenda,
    Congratulations on taking this step! I am certain that your story in the book will inspire and help others on their journey. Thank you for sharing your experience and insights!
    Terri, Editor,
    When One Door Closes:
    Reflections from Women on Life’s Turning Points

    P.S. I know what you mean about the pre-publication jitters–I always get them before one of my works is published and put into the public view. Yet, I have never regretted putting them out there to share with others. I know our work makes a difference in the lives of others. Thank you again for your contribution in this significant project and diverse collection of stories from women!

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