Thank goodness for vacations…

Karl Wente and The Front Porch

Thank God for vacations. As I sit cuddled up in our cabin with 10 amazing people, I realized why I hope that the predicted snow just comes and snows us all in!

As many of you know, we have an fantastic friendship. relationship with Wente Vineyards. We cherish both the personal and business bond tat we are developing with the Wente team.

We have launched a monthly event called Thriving Discoveries…blending Karl Wente’s Discover the Wine- Discover the Music  Program with Thriving Ink, and our collaboration of artists, musicians and indie Brands.  Our goal is to celebrate monthly with both great live music, art and wine…and of course great t-shirts and gear! So, you can understand why we at Thriving Ink were saddened to have a fellow downtown merchant call us in to the Alcohol and beverage Department to ‘complain’ because we had flyers out advertising the event with Wente Vineyards.. Well, to make a long story short, all was fine , and the merchant turned out to be nothing more than an inconvenience.. However, the backward steps that were created by a fellow threatened merchant is exactly the type of problems that occurs in a small business environment.  I spent a good amount of time this week dealing with an issue that did not have to be caused, and was counter productive to everyone concerned.

Along with that, the building owner of Round Table decided that he didn’t want to have us utilize ‘our’ back gate for an exit, because it flows into ‘his’ parking lot.  As large as the property management company is that handles that specific property, the way that they handled this issue was nothing more than a greedy attempt at big guy vs. little guy. On Tuesday, the property owner called and left a message for me to return. However, by the next morning, he promptly had his downtown onsite manager padlock our back gate so that we have NO exit in the rear of our building. He has not even had the courtesy to return my call! Long story short… we cut the padlock. When I return, the drama continues.

On top of the ABC and gate fiasco, we are beginning the CUP process and facing a slow January… I have never felt more Blessed….surrounded with loving friends and family… and the pending snow looks better and better by the moment J

See you back in P-town soon!


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