The Animal House of Jamaica needs help…

I have a friend, Maureen Sheridan,  who runs a non-profit organization in Jamaica. The Animal House Jamaica is an animal sanctuary located on the north coast of Jamaica which at any given time cares for over 150 of Jamaica’s once-forgotten animals. Maureen houses any orphaned animal that is in need.

Jamaica has many forgotten animals. Abused, abandoned, injured, and often left to die alone in the hot sun. What for many is an island paradise is, for these animals, an island hell. The Animal House Jamaica was formed to give these animals a second chance. Their mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home as many of these homeless souls as possible, and to offer the few that prove to be un-adoptable a safe and secure sanctuary for life.

This  auction is to raise funds to get their water back…running water has been missing for the past few months in that the company that used to supply us closed down its operations and the new one is refusing to continue the supply citing cost factors. So…they have been trucking water in and need to purchase tanks, a pressure pump and install a rainwater harvesting system.

Maureen has found some very generous donors, including Bono’s wife, Sean Paul and Bob Marley (to name a few), to give some amazing items for auction. Please check out the items for bid! It is all great stuff AND every purchase will help keep all those little wagging tails moist with fresh water!

Happy shopping and thanks for opening your heart!


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