Oh, that Bittersweet Feeling…

I felt it…that tug…in your heart…one of those bittersweet moments as a mom. I have had it before with my older kids, Matt and Jenelle, when they were younger.

I am in Utah, as many of you know, to watch my son, Jake’s team compete  in the Babe Ruth World Series – 13yr. olds.  It has been a long road to the series, with many games behind us.

When we found out that our team had made the World Series, it was met with a huge smile and lots of parental pride, of course!

Jake flew ahead with the team, Ron, Jenelle and Matt drove out and I flew the next day. By the time we arrived in Utah, Jake had already met his host family, and was moved into their home. As a mom, I felt both excitement for him, and sadness for me, as I wasn’t going to be right there for him to pick up his mood if he had a bad game, or to celebrate his wins….. heck, I hadn’t even met them yet. What if Jake doesn’t like them. What if they are mean? I was having a classic mom’s headtrip, no doubt.

Despite my initial concern, Jake has thrived in his host family’s home, and he is having a ball. He barely has a moment to call us (OK, he does have time, but he says he is too busy). Hence, the bittersweet moment,… My little boy is growing up whether I want him to or not.  And I really wouldn’t have it any other way. ;)


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